Industrial Engineering
The industrial engineering education is an excellent foundation for careers of choice in today's business environment. It is comprised of a multitude of different skills and tools that enable the industrial engineer to act as a master of change and thus make a tremendous impact in any type of organization. These are some of the reasons a number of industrial engineers are reaching high levels in today's organizations.
Industrial engineer engages in the study of how to describe, evaluate, design, modify, control and improve the performance of complex systems, viewed over time and within their relative context. We are typically motivated by problems arising in virtually any setting where outcomes are influenced by often complicated and uncertain interactions, involving a variety of attributes that affect system performance. The key notion is systems and includes supply chain systems, financial systems, and health systems, among others.

If you are interested in analyzing and formulating abstract models of complex systems with the intention of improving system performance; if you are interested in the fields where address the role of the human decision-maker as key contributor to the inherent complexity of systems and primary benefactor of the analyses, then IE is your choice.