16 April 2014
Congratulations, UPH!

L-R: Andrew, Ibu Helena, Melissa dan Samuel

Congratulations, UPH! Industrial Engineering UPH has just brought home a Second-Place-Throphy from The 7th National Statistics Competition for Engineering Students (NSCE).

NSCE is an annual national industrial engineering competition held by Industrial Engineering Universitas Katolik Parahyangan. It was held in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, from 26-28 November 2013. The subjects that were competed in the event were Probabilities, Statistics (both Descriptive and Inference), Statistical Quality Control, and Reliability Engineering. This competition was participated by 31 teams that came from 21 various universities from Indonesia.

Industrial Engineering UPH sent one team that consisted of Jonathan Andrew (2010), Mellisa Handryani Christine (2010), and Samuel Cahya Saputra (2010). Other teams that joined NSCE were:

$1-          Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta (2 teams)

$1-          Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (1 team)

$1-          Institut Teknologi Bandung (2 teams)

$1-          Universitas Surabaya (2 teams)

$1-          Telkom University (2 teams)

$1-          Universitas Kristen Maranatha (1 team)

$1-          STT Musi Palembang (1 team)

$1-          Universitas Gadjah Mada (2 teams)

$1-          UIN Sunan Kalijaga (1 team)

$1-          Institut Teknologi Nasional (2 teams)

$1-          Universitas Indonesia (2 teams)

$1-          Universitas Sumatera Utara (2 teams)

$1-          Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya (2 teams)

$1-          Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya (1 team)

$1-          Universitas Mercu Buana (1 team)

$1-          President University (1 team)

$1-          Universitas Trunojoyo Madura (1 team)

$1-          Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (2 teams)

$1-          Universitas Trisakti (1 team)

$1-          Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa (1 team)

The 7th NSCE consists of 3 stages: eliminary, semifinal, and final. The first stage of the competition was divided into three sessions: essay test, multiple choice test, and betting. From the elimination stage, 31 teams were narrowed down to 20 teams. Industrial Engineering UPH succeeded in achieving the top five and went in for the semifinal. The 20 teams then had to compete in the semifinal stage (cerdas cermat competition). From this stage, only five teams that won from each session of semifinal stage could go in for final stage of NSCE. Industrial Engineering UPH succeeded in going to the final stage. The final stage was a case study about reliability engineering. 5 teams had to present their analysis and problem-solving methods in front of board of judges.

The winners of the 7th NSCE are UNPAR 1 at the 1st place, UPH at the 2nd place, UNPAR 2 at the 3rd place, UBAYA at the 4th place, and UI at the 5th place.