15 June 2015
IECA 2015
UPH Industrial Engineering Students won IECA 2015

 ieca 2015

UPH Team from Left to Right : Timothy Henry, Sharah Saputra, Gloria FJ Kartikasari

            On 8-11 June 2015, UPH sent 1 team to compete in the first Industrial Engineering competition held by HMTI Unika Atma Jaya. The competition is IECA : IMAGINATION 2015 the tagline of this event is Improve Your Manufacturing Knowledge Through Industrial Competition.

            There are 20 teams from various universities that competed in this event. The competition is divided into 3 stages, the first two being elimination stages and the last one being the final. The first stage is a written test consisting of two parts, essay and multiple choice. The material of this test comes from the whole Industrial Engineering discipline. By the end of the test, 5 teams were eliminated, and the remaining 15 teams are ranked based on the score. The team from UPH managed to get the second position, while the first position was taken by the team from ITB.

            The second stage is a business simulation game. The teams were given capital, the amount of which is based on the rank from the previous stage. Thus, UPH team had an advantage in this stage. The game requires one member from each team to run to a station, and answer a question taken at random to get the advantageous choice. By then end of the game, 5 finalists were chosen, but the final rank were not given out by the committee. The team from UPH managed to get into the final stage, along with the team from Unika Atma Jaya, Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Parahyangan, and Universitas Diponegoro.

            The final stage were a visit to a warehouse from PT. Premier Vespa, which is the distributor of Vespa motorcycle ini the region. The problem that needed to be solved was about the layout of the warehouse. The teams were given 10 minutes interview with the factory management and about 1,5 hours to had a look around the facility. After that, the teams were given one laptop to make the paper and presentation in less than 4 hours.

            The next day, was the presentation day. After the presentation, the winners were announced and the team from UPH managed to get the 3rd place. While the 2nd and 1st place were taken by Universitas Parahyangan and Universitas Indonesia, respectively.