16 April 2014
LKTI 2015
UPH Industrial Engineering Students won LKTI 2015

 lkti 2015

UPH Team members: Yosua Kurniawan (2013), Livia Narda (2013), Gloria Fj Kartikasari (2012), and Timothy Henry (2012)

On 8-12 March 2015, the industrial engineering department of UPH sent 2 teams to compete in the 15th LKTI which is an academic event held by the industrial engineering student body of Universitas Indonesia. This year LKTI has the theme of "Increasing the Competitiveness of Gas Based Industry to Support Energy Security through Strategic Management".

Previously, the two teams had passed the preliminary stage and managed to enter the best 25. The competition consisted of three stages with the last stage being the final stage.

The fist stage evaluates the competence of the contestants in the field of industrial engineering. In the second stage, a simulation game was presented and the contestants must achieve the best score in the simulation.

After the two stages, the score of each team is cumulated and 5 best teams were chosen to compete in the final stage. The first team from UPH managed to got into the 5th place and continues to compete in the final stage, while the second team from UPH managed to obtain the 16th place and was eliminated.

The third stage was held in form of presentation. The teams were given time to formulate their solution and recommendation regarding the gas industry in Indonesia.

The winner was announced on the afternoon after the presentation. The first team from UPH managed to take the third place, while the first and second place were taken by the team from ITS and Universitas Kristen Petra respectively.